Forwarders Debt Recovery Services

Forwarders Debt Recovery Services (FDRS) is an independent company dedicated to assisting the freight forwarding community in collecting its just debts from those who do not pay.

Our services are offered to all companies involved in freight forwarding, domestically or globally. We strive to ensure that the payment of outstanding invoices between those involved in the freight forwarding community are settled and paid.

We also maintain the most comprehensive industry standard database of delinquent payers on our Delinquent Debtors warning list.

Our warning list is also highlighted in our monthly Newsletter that we broadcast to more than 100,000 freight forwarders and forwarder network associations worldwide.

Please visit our main web site at for full details.

Why FDRS is different :

  • No recovery - No charge -  If we do not collect, you do not pay.

  • 15% recovery fee of actual monies collected - Even less for associated forwarding network members and those who are members of our Forwarder Focus Directory

  • We begin collection activities immediately upon receipt of requisite paper work and report regularly on our activities.

  • If we cannot collect amicably, we can also enlist our comprehensive worldwide attorney network. Note - Additional fees apply.

  • All collected amounts, less our collection fee, are remitted within seven business days of receipt.

FDRS has legal representative offices in over 115 countries worldwide

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